Aircraft Services

Communication – Dependability – Competitive Rates


From avionics installations to an inspection, we provide dependable service with concise communication during the process.   We can help plan an upgrade, troubleshoot a problem or keep your Pitot Static/Transponder/ADS-B certifications up to date.

FAA Certified Repair Station #3FVR712D

Avionics Installations & Upgrades:

  • As an Authorized Dealer for many avionics vendors, we offer our clients solutions at affordable pricing.
  • We manufacture our own wiring harnesses; saving you money.
  • ADS-B options to fit any budget

Pitot Static – Transponder – ADS-B Testing and Certifications:

  • All Pitot Static and Transponder services are performed in accordance with § 91.411 & 91.413.
  • ADS-B services are in accordance with § 91.225 and § 91.227.
  • Whether IFR or VFR, we can help you stay in compliance with your FAA 24 month requirements.


Annual And 100-Hour Inspections Include:

  • Inspection using the aircraft specific manufacturer’s checklist
  • Bore-scope of cylinders
  • AD research for recurring actions (Annual Inspections only)
  • A detail report of the findings, pictures of bore-scoped items and any other notable visual concerns
  • General maintenance services are available at time of inspection at a discounted rate, if desired.
  • NO MAINTENANCE OR REPAIRS will be completed without prior approval from the owner.

Pre-Purchase Inspections:

  • We recommend a thorough annual inspection for a pre-purchase, however, the client will determine how detailed the pre-purchase inspection will be; from a detailed annual inspection to a quick overview including:
    • Visual inspection of airframe
    • Logbook review for AD compliance and status, equipment installed and entries for Form 337
    • Bore-scope of cylinders and leak check
    • Test flight with current owner


We offer both flat rate and hourly rates for Inspections.  Our hourly rate is $85/hour.  Flat rates for inspections include labor only; oil, filters, parts, etc. are additional.  Call for a quote on flat rate services.